Cameroon, Belo, Douala, Bamenda, Yaounde, 15th – 18th November 2013

Cameroon association for the defence of victims of accident (CADVA) is a non governmental organisation in Cameroon that advocates for the wellbeing of road victims and equally assists the Cameroon Government in the organisation of adequate road safety policies and sensitization campaigns.

Thus, in view of the above subject matter, Cadva  hereby   presents their calendar  of  activities  as  follows :-

Friday 15/11/2013  a one day road safety  training workshop in Belo sub  of  Boyo  Division  in the Nort West Region of  Cameroon, with Motor bike riders of  Boyo Division,

Saturday 16/11/2013 , TV and Radio debates on the theme “Safe Roads for all ” in the cities of Douala, Bamenda and Yaounde.

Sunday 17/11/2013, church service, prayers for SAFE ROADS FOR ALL in the world at large and Cameroon in particular; lighting of remembrance candles on some major road junctions by Christians and families of victims.

Monday 18/11/2013: A Safe Roads For all wall on major high ways and streets in the various cities of the five regions by school children and end of program

While hoping for your considerations and assistance as to enable us attain our objectives, accept our best regards.

ngochia fidelis
secretary general cadva

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PDF:  cameroon-cadva-condolence-message

PDF:  cameroon-cadva-report-of-activities-for-wdr-2013

PDF:  cameroon-cadva-special-invitation

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