Poems and Prayers



Here are examples of Poems and Prayers, some of which were written especially for bereaved and injured road crash victims or for the World Day commemorations. Others are poems and prayers that were found particularly relevant and helpful to road crash victims. They are offered in pdf and are listed under continents. Many more contributions are invited.


America North

America South


Philippines, Prayers for road victims, 2011


Italy, La morte verrà all’improvviso, Roberto Casati, 2017

Greece, by a godfather of a two-year-old

UK, London By Revd. Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Piccadilly

UK, RoadPeace, Prayers & Thoughts, 2002

UK, RoadPeace, Anthology, 2006

UK, Poem – Bunches of flowers tied to a tree




Poems and other personal expressions