Exhibit Gallery

Exhibitions and Displays have the potential to inform great numbers of people – people who may have never heard of the World Day or given any thought to road crashes and their consequences – of the purpose of the World Day, the scale and impact of road deaths and injuries, and the fact that they are not inevitable.
Exhibitions can also be held for longer periods and have in the past been held in the week or even weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday, contributing to the success of the Day. They are particularly relevant for schools and other educational institutions, for libraries and art and community centres. Schools are often encouraged to consider the issues surrounding World Day, and exhibitions are a natural outcome.
Displays in public places, such as by the roadside or in a town square, can draw attention and inspire interest in the subject of road danger and its results, while at the same time reassuring road victims that their tragedy is taken notice of.
These examples from different parts of the world show enormous creativity and passion: