Event Submission Continuous Form

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Event Submission Continuous Form

How to submit your World Day event contributions:

Please fill the form and upload your documents etc. via the Upload buttons at the end:

1-)  Text as a Word document or PDF files,

2-) Photographs, Posters and Articles saved as JPEG, Gif or PNG files,

3-) Please put all your files in one folder, including documents and pictures/photos (saved as: Your Association, Country, City, Event-name and Date)

4-) Please compress the main (single) folder using  WinZip  or  WinRar compressing softwares,

      ( to download the compressing softwares please click:    WinZip  –  WinRar )

      An example of a compressed File:

      ”  FEVR –  Luxembourg – WDR Gathering – 16 Nov 2014.zip 

5-) Please Upload the compressed main folder using the one of the FILE UPLOAD button,

We would appreciate it, if you could follow these steps,

if not, you can upload your single files, one by one, using the File Upload buttons, up to 5 files.

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Early information of your World Day event(s)

for the Homepage and for inclusion on any global WDR Press Releases

Name/category of the event (Gathering, conference, concert, vigil, etc.)

Exact details of place, date, time and contact details, including links

This is to enable anyone interested to join your event!

Please send this as soon as possible, both in English and your own language.

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For the Archive of your country and organization

Please send programmes, invitations, posters, press releases and anything else that is ready prior to the World Day.

Do not forget to send photographs, videos, articles and any other relevant material after the World Day commemorations are over! 

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Need any ideas? Are all past events listed?

Please visit the World Day website – to find any good ideas or to see if anything is missing from your country’s events in previous years.

Regarding special items – posters, press releases, testimonies, videos, photographs – 

A longer website visit would be advisable to find what may still be missing from your own country under those topics and what therefore would be appropriate to send. It may also provide ideas for plans in coming years.

Languages – The page Why World Day (under About), which is a brief information about the purpose and history of the World Day, is offered in many languages.

If your language is not yet among them, perhaps you could provide the translation?

All other contributions are offered in the languages they are submitted in and any additional translation into English (which would be very welcome!) will need to be done by the submitter.

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