Message Board

It is envisaged that this Area will be developed successfully with time and with the help of visitors from all around the world.


Feedback is invited to find out what is desired or needed and in what form – maybe networks and links and publicity among networks; help with any aspects of the website, including ideas.


A monthly e-mail letter could be the possible outcome of an active message board.


Here are some comments received from visitors to our website:


  • This global gallery of worldwide events is so important, so inspiring. We show each other we’re not alone. We also can share all the different ways we observe WDR to inspire others.
  • The website is easy to navigate and has simple but direct to the point menu which is good. I suggest that an option to join as advocate for Road Safety for anyone be made available. With corresponding basic profile also a user profile and password (Honda Safety Driving Centre, 4.11.2015).
  • Your website is excellent and is bringing all stake-holders together around the globe (Safedriveafrica Kenya)
  • It is a very informative and useful website bringing together Road Safety Advocates and Organizations on a common platform. (ALCOHOL & DRUG INFORMATION CENTRE (ADIC)-INDIA)
  • It is great to share our feelings and events with the whole world on Road Crashes and their consequences on the bereaved families. Randa Hauch, Lebanon, 26.9.2015
  • This website is a great opportunity for us to expand knowledge on this problem, which is a serious threat for the world. College of Applied Technical Sciences, sovo, 27.10.2015
  • Thank you to the FEVR team for allowing us to share and bring a bit of comfort to other victims. Richard Zeithofer