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This page is intended as a helpful resource, listing research, from all corners of the world, that may be of great relevance and assistance to advocates for road victims and road danger reduction, but not yet be widely known.
Please send research from your country that you think worthy of sharing on this platform – to
We are envisaging the following sub-menus, some of which already have some content:


  • Casualty statistics


  • Road-death bereaved among population

Philip Edwards – Families bereaved by road traffic crashes


  • Traumatic bereavement


  • Impact of Road Death and Injury

FEVR Study into the impact of road death and injury

Secondary victimisation – role of perceived injustice


  • Road danger reduction

A new Approach to road safety


  • Road infrastructure

Negotiating Streets for All in urban transport planning

Prof Oguri – Briefing on soft cars


  • Children and Traffic

One false move

A study of children’s independent mobility

Equitable treatment of children in law


  • Legislation and enforcement


  • Traffic speed

Elihu Richter – Speed, Injury & Public Health

Elihu Richter – US-UK Death & Injury from Motor Vehicle Crashes

LSHTM – the effect of 20mph zones in London


  • Impaired driving


  • Distracted driving


  • Vehicle maintenance


  • Helmets, seat-belts & child restraints


  • Traffic Pollution

 Dr. Sanjay Kulshrestha – Tsunami on Roads – Wake up India!


  • The Limits of Car Safety…

Nicholas Faith CRASH

Heathcote Williams AUTOGEDDON – Alternative Link