Official World Day Recognition

Giving significance to the World Day of Remembrance will signal the importance individual governments accord road safety and road casualty reduction. Their response to the United Nation’s call for recognition of the World Day will therefore be closely observed by those who work to reduce road danger and who advocate for rights of road traffic victims. The information will be shared on this website.
A very visible and positive response will be the presence of a National Memorial to road crash victims in, or near, the capital city of every country.

From Resolution 60/5 Improving Global Road Safety, adopted by UN General Assembly on 26 October 2005:

10. Invites Member States and the international community to recognize the third Sunday in November of every year as the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, as ‘the appropriate acknowledgement for victims of road traffic crashes and their families’.



38th plenary meeting, 26 October 2005

UN General Assembly Proceedings: