Parliaments and Governments

UN resolution A/60/5 of 26th October 2005 calls on all Member States to recognize the World Day of Remembrance.

Since this Day has the great potential of bringing life to road casualty statistics by showing the devastation and suffering from road crashes, and thus reasons for supporting government measures to prevent them, it is hoped and expected that all ‘Member States’ will respond positively to the UN’s call. Doing so during the Decade of Action could help achieve the Decade’s goals.
NGOs and all other organizations working for roads that are safe and can be used without loss of life, will view their Governments’ positive or negative responses as a reflection of the importance accorded by them to the cause of road safety.


The UN’s call to governments for World Day recognition can be strengthened when Parliaments for individual continents issue a similar call.



European Parliament supports recognition of the World Day

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament voted on 21st June 2011 in favour of an amendment calling for official World Day recognition:

Amendment 35 7a

“Calls on the Commission and Member States officially to recognise the third Sunday in November as the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, as the United Nations and World Health Organisation have already done, in order to raise public awareness of this issue;”

African Union’s Executive Council proclaims the third Sunday of November(World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims)
as Africa’s Road Safety Day.

On behalf of Africa’s road traffic victims and victim families, it is hoped that the focus will be in equal measure on remembrance and prevention.
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