World Day Art Submission Form

Art is one of the best ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings
To mark the 20th anniversary of ‘Global Remembrance’, let’s collect songs and poems for a Global Anthology!
Please share with us your art related to the World Day of Remembrance.

Send songs and poems of Remembrance that were written by you or had touched or helped you and we will collate them all into a multi-lingual publication!

Via this form, please also share other relevant artistic creations, such as stories, paintings, music, sculpture, etc.

If you are sharing someone else’s  work that touched you or helped you, please do give credit to the creators and don’t forget to ask their permission.

And please remember that the poems and stories which helped you might help others too.

“These stamps were sent by Moira Winslow from Drive Alive, South Africa”

Stamps D-Alive slow down

Stamps D-Alive don't drink

Stamps D-Alive not drive tired

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