National Coalition

National Coalition Against Road Trauma

This is a proposed national network of associations & institutions representing health professionals, emergency personnel, road safety experts, relevant charities and civil rights organisations, as well as committed individuals, all of whose work includes reduction of the severe consequences of road crashes.
The main role and strength of such a coalition is that all those working towards the same goals can feel united and can demonstrate their commitment towards minimizing road trauma by simply adding their logo and name to a Coalition Against Road Trauma in their country
The example of such a successful network is in Portugal: Estrada Viva – Coalition Against Road Trauma
It was set up by ACA-M in 2005 and its success offers an excellent encouragement for setting up similar networks in other countries.
Having realized the close relevance of the World Day of Remembrance to their own work, many members of Estrada Viva have also become active in organizing events on World Day, in producing publicity material, taking part in media interviews and generally publicizing the Day and its importance.

The World Day could become a launch-day for a National Coalition in many countries, with membership increasing during every year of the remaining years of the Decade of Action.

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Suggested invitation to potential Coalition members:

Invitation to add your name/your organisation’s name to a Coalition Against Road Trauma in (……….your country), and become part of a wider network – the International Coalition Against Road Trauma – ICART.

This Coalition is to be an informal network of organizations, institutions and individuals who already all work to highlight, address and reduce road trauma, but who through joining such a network can feel united with others in their work towards the same goals and in demonstrating their commitment by signing up to the Coalition.

Both the national and international networks have been suggested as a global initiative for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This Day, which is observed on the 3rd Sunday of November each year and was adopted by the United Nations in 2005, offers an opportunity to all organizations working in the field of road trauma reduction to publicize the messages relating to their specific work in addition to messages on the scale and impact of crashes and the urgent need to reduce them. It also of course offers the opportunity to join in the observance of the World Day.

For more information about the World Day of Remembrance, see


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