Messages & Thoughts


Messages are being invited each year by organizers of World Day events – NGOs, Institutions, Companies, Govt. Departments – from persons relevant to their work of road danger and road casualty reduction – to help engage them more and increase their commitment to that work.
The World Day offers the opportunity to ask for Messages of Support from Heads of State and at the same time to approach them for the official recognition of the World Day of Remembrance.


Comments and thoughts on why the World Day of Remembrance is important – from road victims, victim organizations and others, and Messages for victims and all road users – from influential persons, such as leading politicians and representatives of key institutions, have been collated over the years and are being added to every year.


These are some examples:
“The conspiracy of silence over deaths on the road is part of a collective victimization……… that is why we remember those lost lives and evoke the names of concrete real people, who deserved to be alive today and to have followed their dreams, instead of having been extinguished, prematurely and violently. ”     Bereaved father


“…On this World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, let us mobilize all possible contributions to improving road safety – from city planners to vehicle designers, from policy makers to road users. Let us honour those who have lost their lives on the world’s roads by acting to save the lives of others.”     UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon


“Nous portons dans notre prière toutes les personnes qui sont mortes dans des accidents de la circulation et leurs familles. J’appelle chacun à redoubler d’efforts pour être prudent, afin de protéger sa vie et celle d’autrui. C’est un devoir de charité les uns envers les autres. Avec ma Bénédiction apostolique.”     Le pape Benoît XVI a poursuivi faisant référence à cette journée des accidentés de la route