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Papa Francisco Ángelus Día Mundial de las Víctimas


Every Sunday and on the main liturgical feasts, the Pope recites the Angelus prayer with the pilgrims. Before and after the prayer, he delivers a brief reflection and issues greetings.


Pope Benedict XVI, Sunday, 21 November 2010

“Today is also the “World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims”. While I assure them of my remembrance in prayer, I encourage people to persevere in the commitment to prevention, which is having good results, always remembering that prudence and observance of the regulations are the first steps of prevention, for both oneself and others.”
“Hoy se celebra también la «Jornada de las víctimas de la carretera». A la vez que aseguro mi recuerdo en la oración, animo a proseguir el compromiso de la prevención, que está dando buenos resultados, recordando siempre que la prudencia y el respeto de las normas son la primera forma de tutela de uno mismo y de los demás.”


Pope Benedict XVI, St Peter’s Square, Sunday, 16 November 2008

“On this third Sunday of November, we remember in a special way all those who have died as a result of traffic accidents. We pray for their eternal rest and for the consolation of their families who grieve their loss. Dear brothers and sisters, I implore everyone drivers, passengers and pedestrians to heed carefully the words of St Paul in the Liturgy of the Word today: “stay sober and alert”. Our behaviour on the roads should be characterized by responsibility, consideration and respect for others. May the Virgin Mary lead us safely along streets and highways throughout the world.“

Le pape Benoît XVI a poursuivi faisant référence à cette journée des accidentés de la route, 2007

“nous portons dans notre prière toutes les personnes qui sont mortes dans des accidents de la circulation et leurs familles. J’appelle chacun à redoubler d’efforts pour être prudent, afin de protéger sa vie et celle d’autrui. C’est un devoir de charité les uns envers les autres. Avec ma Bénédiction apostolique”.

From Pope John Paul II for the Remembrance Day in 2001

“This Sunday is the World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims. I invoke the compassion of the Lord for all those who have tragically lost their lives on the road. I ask God to support the injured, often suffering for life, as well as their families, who help them in their trials. I call once more on the motorists for carefulness and responsibility, so that all drivers will always respect others.”


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