Actions & Commitments


‘Remember and Respond’ – with Actions and commitments!

…The message ‘Remember and Reflect, Remember and Respond’ represents the essence of our World Day of Remembrance….
‘Observation of this day provides an opportunity to draw the public’s attention to road traffic crashes, their consequences and costs, and the measures which can be taken to prevent them. The day also provides an opportunity to remind governments and society of their responsibility to make roads safer.’
From the Foreword of the Guide
‘Strong political commitment is key to addressing the global road safety crisis. Improvement in road safety does not just happen. It requires political commitment in the form of effective laws, strategies, policies and programmes, and adequate funding to implement them. Governments have a duty to address this major public health and development issue as a matter of urgency.’
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Actions that will be an appropriate response by authorities:

• Official recognition of the World Day
• Erection of a national memorial to road crash victims
• Funding by governments for some key remembrance events
• Attendance of events by high level representatives
• Taking action on active travel –
• Specific Commitments for the coming year, which will be monitored, for example:
– introduce 20mph/30km speed limits in relevant areas
– enforce speed limits strictly
– make road safety a police priority
– introduce improved laws and monitor their implementation
– install black boxes and speed limiters in all Government owned vehicles
– introduce the strict liability law to protect vulnerable road users
– bring in legislation for wide-angle mirrors on all HGVs
– allocate funding to organizations supporting road crash victims
– ensure justice, care and support for injured road crash victims and bereaved families, etc.

 Actions by individuals:

Never speed or tailgate
• Never go through red lights
• Never drink- or drug- drive
• Never hit and run
• Never use a phone while driving or any other distractions
• Always wear a seat-belt and helmet
• Give more consideration to vulnerable road users
• Install speed limiters and black boxes in own car
• Support the European Road Safety Charter
Support the Campaign for global road safety 

• Road Safety Resources for Parents:

RoSPA, THINK!GovUK, Brake, SR22 Insurance, Nationwide Education

• Obey the 15 commandments of ‘ Courtesy at the wheel ’

Day of (Road) Peace – day without road crashes!

Tragedies are even more terrible when they occur on a special day.
No one should die on the day on which road victims are being remembered – the World Day of Remembrance!
A Day of Peace is therefore suggested as a global initiative:
  • a day of respect by and towards all road users
  • a day on which exceptional care is taken by motorists
  • a day of courtesy at the wheel
  • a day when all road laws are respected, so that a World Day without any crashes resulting in injury or death will become a reality everywhere.


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