Speeches and Interviews

Most World Day events have one or more speakers. On this page will be found examples of Speeches given at various World Day events by representatives of global institutions, governments, and NGOs advocating for road victims and road safety. Media Interviews relate to commemorations of the World Day. All are listed under continents and more contributions are invited.

Global events

Address by Ambassador Al Hinai to UN Secretary General, 2005



America North

America South




UK, Speech at London Service, Brigitte Chaudhry, 2001
UK, at St James’s, Piccadilly, Zoe Stow, 2002
Luxemburg, Unfallstatistiken, Jeannot Mersch, 2003
UK, Speech on 10th anniversary of Remembrance Day, 2003
Interview for Portuguese newspaper, B Chaudhry, 2007
UK. Speech by Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick, WDR 2007
Poland, Dzień Pamięci, Przemowa w Zakrzewie, 2009
Interview AVR president Jeannot Mersch, 2009
Russian Federation, Mr Kiryanov, World Day 2009
Italy, Giornata Mondiale… Giuseppa Cassaniti Mastrojeni 2010