Coalitions against road trauma

Forming a National Coalition Against Road Trauma (CART) is proposed as one of several common global initiatives – to be realized by a country as part of their observance of the World Day of Remembrance.

ICART logo

It is a network of associations representing health professionals, emergency personnel, road safety experts; relevant charities and civil rights organizations, as well as committed individuals.
The main role and strength of such a coalition is that organizations, institutions, and individuals working towards the same goals can feel united and can demonstrate their commitment of working towards minimizing road trauma by simply adding their logo and name to a Coalition against Road Trauma in their country.
The World Day offers them an opportunity to publicize the messages relating to their specific work, while at the same time highlighting the scale and impact of crashes. It also provides a chance to participate actively in observing the World Day.
Estrada Viva is the national Coalition Against road Trauma in Portugal, set up by ACA-M in 2005
The International Coalition Against Road Trauma – ICART – is a similar network, but of global institutions and organizations working at reducing road trauma, and of the National Coalitions Against Road Trauma that all countries are invited to set up – thus an umbrella of national coalitions (CARTs).



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