Various Memorials

Memorials to road crash victims can take many different forms:

Remember Me poster

  • they can be monuments of different kinds – very traditional or modern, incorporating figures or just inscriptions, and placed in capital cities or towns and villages of a country
  • they can be Memorial Gardens, Memorial Woods or special buildings
  • a very popular act of remembrance is placing roadside memorials on crash sites and many roadside memorials are characteristic of the country in which they are located
  • some bereaved people keep mementos of their loved ones; sometimes the empty rooms of those persons become shrines or memorials
  • testimonies, tributes and poems are another form of a memorial to a loved one, and these can be recited, printed or placed on the internet as internet memorials
  • music especially composed to address the futility of road deaths and long-lasting pain of victims is an important and much valued memorial