Visitor Area

Welcome to this area of the World Day website!

This site has been re-launched on 26th October 2012 (following a complete re-design), four years after its first launch on the same date, chosen to coincide with the UN recognition of the World Day on 26th October 2005.

It is envisaged that this Area will be developed successfully with time and with the help of visitors from all around the world:

Contact details – A committee had been set up at the time of the first launch; the re-launch is a good opportunity for revisiting membership of the committee and a more active time to commence – information will be posted on the site.


Logos etc. for sharing
 – feedback will be needed to ensure that anything that may be helpful for World Day commemorations is available and accessible.

Message board – here again, feedback is invited to find out if this is desired or needed and in what form. A monthly e-mail letter could be the possible outcome of an active message board.

Networks and links – this facility will be able to grow with the help of visitors.

Sponsors of the World Day website and promotion of the World Day -sponsorship will be essential to be able to maintain and improve the site, to develop this section of the site and to promote the World Day effectively in future.

Sponsorships and proposals re potential sponsors are invited from visitors.

Support for the World Day and the World Day website – for example:

publicity among networks; online publicity; help with any aspect of the website – offers and further ideas are invited.