Worldwide actions


The UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/60/5 on 26 October 2005, welcoming the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, and inviting ‘Member States and the international community to recognize this day’.
Since then, the observance of the World Day has increased year by year on every continent.


Regarding the call for official recognition – governments are gradually responding to this call or, in the interim, expressing support and welcome for the World Day,
as in the UK:

Early Day Motion

EDM 1769


Russell, Bob
That this House welcomes the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims held on the third Sunday of November each year; notes that this special Day was launched in 1993 by UK road victim charity RoadPeace and promoted by them nationally and internationally until it was adopted by the United Nations on 26th October 2005 `as the appropriate acknowledgement for victims of road traffic crashes and their families’; recognises that the loss of lives on the road and the suffering of bereaved and injured road crash victims deserves much greater recognition than has been provided until now; and calls on the Government to give official recognition to World Remembrance Day as a means of showing compassion and care to the millions of UK road crash victims highlighting the scale and impact of road deaths and injuries and the need to address road danger and its consequences with renewed urgency.
or in the US
where different Members of Congress rose in 2007, 2009 and 2011 to acknowledge the World Day and pay respects to road crash victims – see America North under Parliaments & Governments.
In addition to advocating for official recognition, several specific global initiatives are also being proposed – to NGOs and all other stakeholders in road safety – to be carried out worldwide in tribute to the World Day.