National Memorials

Most cities in most countries have memorials in remembrance of those who lost their lives prematurely and violently – notably during wars, but also in disasters. These memorials are also meant as a warning – to ensure that wars and disasters do not happen again.
For all the above reasons, memorials are now being established to the victims of what many consider a civil war that is raging in every country- road traffic victims.
There are already many local road victim memorials in existence, but very few national ones. National memorials placed in capital cities would provide a focal point for commemorations and actions related to road casualty reduction, and for various acts of remembrance including on the World Day of Remembrance.
The event of the Decade of Action for Road Safety is encouraging calls for national memorials to road crash victims, along with calls for official recognition of the World Day of Remembrance by governments. It is hoped that most countries will have a National Memorial to their road traffic victims by the end of the Decade of Action.